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Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) is an engineered product using structurally rated seasoned and selected timbers primarily from hardwood or softwood. During production every piece of timber is graded and end jointed to produce the length required.  Multiple layers of timber, known as laminations are bonded together with adhesives to provide a variety of sectional beam sizes and lengths.

Glulam products are manufactured and offered in a variety of woods. The advantage of using such products is that the timber is very straight and it is proven that such timbers are able to withstand heavy weights as compared to whole or solid timbers.

Uses of laminated products:
- Table tops / legs
- Door / window frames
- Beams
- Posts
- Handrails
- Other structural and non-structural uses
Species of laminated products:
- South East Asia species Acacia, Kapur, Keruing, Mengkulang, Durian, Yellow Balau, Bintangor, Dark/Light Red Meranti, Rubberwood, Gmelina and Mixed hardwood